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RKS.061.20.0414 RKS.061.20.0544 RKS.061.20.0644
RKS.061.20.0744 RKS.061.20.0844 RKS.061.20.0944
RKS.061.20.1094 RKS.061.20.1094 RKS.061.25.1314
RKS.061.25.1424 RKS.061.25.1534 RKS.061.25.1644
RKS.061.25.1754 RKS.061.25.1754 RKS.062.20.0414
RKS.062.20.0544 RKS.062.20.0644 RKS.062.20.0744
RKS.062.20.0844 RKS.062.20.0944 RKS.062.20.1094
RKS.062.25.1204 RKS.062.25.1314 RKS.062.25.1424
RKS.062.25.1534 RKS.062.25.1644 RKS.062.25.1754
RKS.062.30.1904 RKS.060.20.0414 RKS.060.20.0544
RKS.060.20.0644 RKS.060.20.0744 RKS.060.20.0844
RKS.060.20.0944 RKS.060.20.1094 RKS.060.25.1204
RKS.060.25.1314 RKS.060.25.1424 RKS.060.25.1534
RKS.060.25.1644 RKS.060.25.1754 RKS.060.30.1904
RKS.161.14.0414 RKS.161.14.0544 RKS.161.14.0644
RKS.161.14.0744 RKS.161.14.0844 RKS.161.14.0944
RKS.161.14.1094 RKS.161.16.1204 RKS.161.16.1314
RKS.161.16.1424 RKS.161.16.1534 RKS.161.16.1644
RKS.161.16.1754 RKS.161.20.1904 RKS.162.14.0414
RKS.162.14.0544 RKS.162.14.0644 RKS.162.14.0744
RKS.162.14.0744 RKS.162.14.0944 RKS.162.14.1094
RKS.162.16.1204 RKS.162.16.1314 RKS.162.16.1424
RKS.162.16.1534 RKS.162.16.1644 RKS.162.16.1754
RKS.162.20.1904 RKS.160.14.0414 RKS.160.14.0544
RKS.160.14.0644 RKS.160.14.0744 RKS.160.14.0844
RKS.160.14.0944 RKS.160.14.1094 RKS.160.16.1204
RKS.160.16.1314 RKS.160.16.1424 RKS.160.16.1534
RKS.160.16.1644 RKS.160.16.1754 RKS.160.20.1904
RKS.21 0411    RKS.21 0541    RKS.21 0641
RKS.21 0741    RKS.21 0841    RKS.21 0941
RKS.21 1091    RKS.23 0411    RKS.23 0541
RKS.23 0641    RKS.23 0741    RKS.23 0841
RKS.23 0941    RKS.23 1091    RKS.22 0411
RKS.22 0541    RKS.22 0741    RKS.22 0641
RKS.22 0841    RKS.22 0941    RKS.22 1091
RKS.204040101001       RKS.302070202001       RKS.900155101001
RKS.951145101001       RKS.901175101001       RKS.921150303001
RKS.121400101002       RKS.121390101002       RKS.122290101002
RKS.221310101001       RKS.222500101001       RKS.221300101001
RKS.222600101001       RKS.324012324001       RKS.322300101001
RKS.425060101001       RKS.425060201001       RKS.425062621001
RKS.427020101001       RKS.427050403001       RKS.111280101002
RKS.212140106001       RKS.211430101001       RKS.211440101001
RKS.212600101001       RKS.312410101001       RKS.312410102001
RKS.312290202001       RKS.313500404001       RKS.314310101001
RKS.413290203001       RKS.512080101001       RKS.921155203001
RKS.121405101002       RKS.121395101002       RKS.122295101002
RKS.223475101001         RKS.222605101001

Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameTHB BEARINGS CO.,LTD
  • Business Type
  • Year Established
  • LocationChina
  • Main MarketsAustria,Belgium,Canada,France,U. Kingdom,Israel,Italy,Japan,South Korea,Netherland,Romania,Russia,U.S.A
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentSAM YUAN
  • Phone+86-021-6151-7512
  • FAX+86-021-6121-2663
  • Address405, Building 7, No.555, Dongchuan Road, Shanghai
  • Product Category General Mechanical Components > Bearings > Ball Bearings > Thrust Ball Bearing
    General Mechanical Components > Bearings > Roller Bearings > Cylindrical Roller Bearing
    General Mechanical Components > Bearings > Roller Bearings > Other Roller Bearings


  • Quality Control ISO9001:2008 certificated by TUV(business)

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Additional Introduction

   THB offers a wide variety of bearings and correlative services to Construction machinery, Mining, Metalurgy, Harbour, Marine, Chemical industries, etc. Everything provided by THB is for supporting you to occupy more in your market. As a assistant, THB's definition and position of itself is"We are your left hand-buying hand, we are your right hand-solution hand".

   THB's bearing covers an entire line of products but focus on several types, Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing, Slewing Ring and Spherical Roller Bearing.

  Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing is THB's strongest product for it's world class quality. THe exclusive target is to compete with INA because it has been approved that some aspects of THB's SL bearing are even better than INA original.

   Slewing ring is THB's another leading product. The size covers from 100mm to 8000mm. As one of the successful cases, THB has exported the largest and heaviest slewing ring whose diameter is over 6000mm and weight is over 13 metric tons to Europe.

   Spherical Roller Bearing is one of THB's earliest product, it has been exported to the European market for years. After constant improvements on different aspects, the quality and the apperaance is quite close to FAG original, the international style of packing is also attractive.

    THB also provides other types of bearings according to the request, but only good quality types are available, Price is Nothing if Quality is Nothing.